Ugly Jacket Buyback Program Going on Throughout October

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Ijacket buyback thumbn an effort to curb the effects of bad fashion throughout the Puget Sound region, Northwest Embroidery will be collecting ugly and old jackets throughout the month of October at his Milton, WA headquarters, as part of its “Ugly Jacket Buyback” program.  This is an attempt to keep bad fashion off the streets, prevent juveniles from becoming influenced into wearing ugly jackets themselves, and encourage wearing fashionable alternatives, such as new custom-embroidered pieces from the Nike Golf and OGIO outerwear lines available through Northwest Embroidery.

What Does Your Shirt's Color Say About Your Brand?

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color thumbColor has an important part in a brand’s identity; helping to speak your message immediately without a single word.  When it comes to selecting the best color to match your brand’s voice, it can get overwhelming – should you go bold, subtle, or somewhere in the middle?  Integrating your brand identity in all aspects of your business is crucial to its recognition and growth.  This includes your logo, website, and of course, your embroidered apparel.

A Snapback Comeback

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snapback blue back thumbIf you’ve watched TV or attended a sporting event in the past year or so, you have almost certainly seen them.  Athletes, celebrities, and the kid down the street are all sporting them.  Yes, the time machine has been opened and snapback caps have made a comeback! The snapback style, originally popular in the 80’s and early 90’s incorporates bold and bright colors, a high crown, and a flat bill. As with most fashion trends, “what was once old is now new again”, and this iconic headwear is no different.

Gimme One of Those Hats: June, 1981

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We have quite a collection of old news clippings from our past. Sometimes it can be fun to look back and read old articles about Northwest Embroidery to see how far we've come over the years.  The following article was featured in the Alaska Fisherman's Journal back in June of 1981.  These were the days when we had only three embroidery machines and it took almost half a day to program a single design!

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