NWE in the news: Flashback to June, 1981

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We have quite a collection of old news clippings from our past. Sometimes it can be fun to look back and read old articles about Northwest Embroidery to see how far we've come over the years.  The following article was featured in the Alaska Fisherman's Journal back in June of 1981.  These were the days when we had only three embroidery machines and it took almost half a day to program a single design!

New Nike Bags are Here

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We’ve always been proud to offer our customers high-end performance apparel from the world’s leading golf brand, Nike Golf. Now we are especially excited about their launch of a new line of bags this year. Just like their renowned polo shirts and caps, they have incorporated both fashion and function into pieces that are built to last. If you’re looking to have your embroidered logo really stand out, it is a sure bet to go with Nike Golf!

4 Ways to Maximize your Promotional Efforts in 2014

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2014 marketing thumb1. Drop the “campaign” mentality. Within traditional marketing, companies tend to think to think of their efforts in terms of campaigns, which puts a focus on projects that have a beginning and end to them. Today, however, there is a growing movement towards real-time marketing, which replaces the word “campaign” with “continuity". This means making sure your messaging continues to flow, whether it’s through promotional products or content marketing or social media. There is no beginning and no end point.

Bronco Busters in Disneyland

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Our factory assistant Jeff (far right) took some time off to visit Disneyland this past week and brought some Bronco Busters shirts with him for his friends and family.  Way to support our team!

Holiday Gifts on a Budget

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bp10 gifts thumbThe twinkly lights are already showing up on front porches and sleigh bells are starting to jingle in the music of TV commercials.  It can only mean one thing – the holidays may be sneaking up on us earlier than ever! While there may be some Halloween candy still laying unopened around our houses and we have yet to eat our Thanksgiving turkeys, the gift-giving season is about to hit full speed.

One of the more common questions we hear from customers during the months preceding the holiday season is a variation of  “what options do you have for inexpensive gifts?”  Answering this question can take a variety of routes, since each customer’s needs and budgets are different.  We need to take into account the type and number of people who will be receiving the gifts; will they be for employees? Customers? Or, both?

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